In your inbox: 5 Linkedin content ideas


Why your LinkedIn content has never been more important than right now.


The algorithm change LinkedIn needed yet should have seen coming.

Shock horror – the most powerful business owners and influencers have taken over a majority share of LinkedIn content. 

On the surface this seems great for users of LinkedIn and LinkedIn itself:

-         Users are exposed to relevant content from key influencers 

-         LinkedIn is host to some of the biggest names in business. 

However, delve a little deeper and it’s clear to see why LinkedIn are keen to shake it up a bit. 

The mass of shares, likes and comments that went to core influencers and engagers – left a lot of users in the lurch. Meaning the share of these vital engagements has been for a long time severely disproportionate. 

Leaving no gap for fresh influencers or solid, genuine and relevant content to emerge. 

That’s not great for any social media platform. 

Facebook has experienced a similar issue with a major drop in business page engagements. They’re focus on advertising has seen organic content that encourages conversation plummet. 

Yes, it's true LinkedIn is being good to you here – yet they’re also seizing an opportunity created by Facebooks professional  fall from grace. 

So that’s why you're set to see a few new faces on  LinkedIn, they have the specific target  to allow new content to emerge. Meaning an increased focus on allowing different, uninfluenced, yet equally as relevant and strong professionals find their place among the giants on the platform. 

Which means, more than ever before you have an opportunity to get heard on the platform. Now is the best time to take stock of your content, business engagements and posts, and seize the opportunity of being one of those hidden content pros LinkedIn has been neglecting for so long. 

& finally

The digital world should be open to every business. Digital is all about encouraging engagement, being inclusive and accessibility. So if you have any questions we’re always happy to help…   

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