How home assistants will impact your marketing - getting your business heard on AI

Home Assistants

How they’re changing your marketing strategy.

Google Home, Amazon Echo, Homepod, all the biggest names in tech have launched their take on the home assistant. Whether they’re the future, or fad, is to be seen 

(We’re not prepared to say either way, who wants to be like the guy that said TV’s would never take off.) 

Either way, with millions of units sold across the UK, to homes of all shapes and sizes, they’re quickly becoming a familiar sight.

This new way to interact & connect with technology offers businesses the opportunity to reach their market in a truly innovative way, so what does this mean for your marketing strategy?

Well to start here’s a few ways your target market can find you through home assistants:

Voice Search: If customers own a Smart assistant, searching for places to eat, drink or find local services are quickly becoming vocal. Do you have a home assistant? Give this a try. I’ve asked my home assistant to give me some recommendations of places to eat in the local area. ”It” did a good job. I know the top five places to eat in my local town, their ratings and even the opening times. Being part of that voice search is an exciting new way to reach customers & quickly too.  

Are you being helpful? Are you being helpful? Can you be more helpful? Questions, lots of them. That’s how users are interacting with their new devices & you could be the answer. Can you offer advice, give information & create this in a way the home assistants can convert into responses? Snippets and Schemas have never been more important on your website.

So what does this mean for your strategy?

The overarching effect of the home assistant on your marketing strategy isn’t revolutionary, it doesn’t mean you have to rip up the rule book and start again. However, it means more emphasis on your presence & validity. Your content, website layout, review & results. The importance of these has only grown & are continuing to do so. 

You simply can’t ignore your content anymore. Helpful, engaging, formatted content will mean you can be the answer to your customer’s questions on any device. 

This content should be developed in a way that adapts to mobile, desktop or voice search.

Artificial Intelligence including home assistants shouldn’t be ignored. They’re changing every day, you can’t ignore the figures, the UK has indulged in this new way of interacting with technology & all of a sudden you have a very loud voice, that could work for your business. 

& finally a note.

 The digital world should be open to every business. Digital is all about encouraging engagement, being inclusive and accessibility. So if you have any questions we’re always happy to help…  

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