Is social media right for your business?

Is social media right for your business?

How to use social media the right way...


Have you ever been told that your business HAS to be on Facebook? Have you ever been scoffed at because you’re not a tweeter?

Some of these statements may be correct for you, maybe you should be on Facebook, perhaps you should be using more #’s. 

Yet, they’re not always right & you shouldn’t be led into making noise about your business you simple don’t need to make, your time is valuable!

Here’s our handy guide to social media, your business & using it in the most effective way.

One size does not fit all – 

A copy and paste technique shouldn’t be applied to your social content.

Your updates should be personalised to the platform. Facebook & Instagram are personal social media sites and as much as there are businesses all over Facebook, the content should be emotive and involved (See Facebook’s latest marketing campaign as a summary of the sort of content we’re looking for here.)

Selling personalised Christmas gifts? Fab. Promoting your local business event…fine. Yet don’t forget what other social sites could offer instead. Twitter is great for networking & quick reads; you can take a more business approach too, as the chances are you’re moving in business circles on the platform. 

What’s the point?

Content is king, you know that…everyone knows that, it’s all us marketers bang on about. Have a purpose & write with intent. Be helpful, fun, interesting, yet most importantly have a purpose with all of your posts. Why are you posting? Because you HAVE to, or because you’ve got something to say your market will genuinely have an interest in? 

Switch it up…

Ok so you have a purpose, you have intent & you’ve got a great blog – yet you’re uploading and just telling us you’ve done so. Don’t clickbait us, but make us intrigued, use images, post videos, have features and segments. Engage, engage, engage. 

Do you really need to be here?

Are you selling gaskets? Are you a business adviser? Are you using endless stock images? Head on over to LinkedIn and start networking. We’re all trying to find videos of funny animals over here. Ok, stay, yet ask yourself this do you really need to be on Instagram, does Facebook ever generate you business? Just because you’ve been told as a business you HAVE to be on Facebook, doesn’t mean you need to listen. We’re not saying a gasket company has never had success on Facebook, or a business adviser has never got a lead on Instagram, we’re saying use your time wisely & always consider what this time is truly giving you back. 


Think for your business & ignore the trend. Does the social media platform you’re endlessly posting on truly add value, to you and your customers?

& finally everyone loves a stat -

- Under 20’s make up a very small proportion of active Facebook users. Is your target market even using the social platform?

- Twitter has been for a while a 50/50 split on gender – Pinterest users are 83% female. 

- Instagram & Snapchat collectively have the youngest audience.

& finally a note.

 The digital world should be open to every business. Digital is all about encouraging engagement, being inclusive and accessibility. So if you have any questions we’re always happy to help…  

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